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Project Development Controls    

Letse has established practices to help ensure quality project performance onsite, offsite and offshore.

Project Coordination and Management is in place at the very beginning of a project in order to manage time, personnel, tasks and progress to ensure a successful project.

Quality Assurance (QA) includes peer review system that helps us to deliver high quality services and will be instituted in every phase

Knowledge Management or more simply the management of reusable information, is a key activity, which happens continually through the project. Each new piece of functionality is likely to have either components or ideas or both. These ideas and components need to be documented and maintained throughout the project.

Risk Management is crucial to the success of any project. Regular status meetings of the entire team will be set up so that project teams can raise issues or questions.

Configuration Management will be required through the entire development life cycle in order to ensure version control all components baseline requirements, code, release planning and management.

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