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Development Models    

In order to assure quality performance in executing development projects, whether onsite, offsite, or offshore, Letse follows industry best practices which provide the basis for iteratively building, integrating and testing applications.

While rigorous in its methodology, Letse is flexible in establishing the appropriate level of “outsourcing” for a specific project and enterprise customer. Letse will work with customers to complement their capabilities for overall project success. Combining outsourcing, consulting and project services, Letse can reduce the project delivery cost significantly. Our Development Model supports distributed delivery so that effort is balanced between the client and delivery teams globally, resulting in delivering application development seamlessly and cost-effectively.

At Letse, our team is trained in agile approach such as SCRUM. By following SCRUM which is an agile software development method for project management, we can offer better quality projects aimed at deliverables rather than schedules and methodologies. The SCRUM method divides the task into iterations which involves a team through a full software development cycle including requirement analysis, design, coding, testing and deployment. Using this approach, we continuously involve our clients during the development phase.

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