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Application Service Provider    

With changing business scenarios and newer technologies being evolved, the need to maintain IT applications becomes more and more imperative. Letse provides application maintenance services for the maintenance and enhancement of custom and third party applications. Letse provides full life cycle application maintenance from bug fixes and enhancements, quality assurance testing to operational deployment. We offer a comprehensive package which addresses more issues than mere maintenance of the existing systems. Our offerings include pro-active maintenance, bug fixing, code reviews, design and architecture updates and user support.


Microsoft Office 365 provider - Letse is a provider of Microsoft Office 365. We offer the Microsoft Office suite of applications backed and executed by Microsoft itself on the Microsoft Cloud. The Office 360 Suite consists of the standard office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote as well as SharePoint 2010, Lyncs for Instant Messaging and all forms of collaboration, Microsoft Live Meeting, and Exchange services. Work with Letse to put your entire office online and save the cost of managing your own Exchange servers, SharePoint servers, etc. The return on investment for Microsoft Office 365 is very effective. Let us show you how.

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