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Letse’s Vision – Roadmap to Success    

With over twelve years of leading industry experience, Letse has successfully implemented a Roadmap to Success comprising of several stages:
Assessment – We can evaluate where you and are where you want to take your business, and provide a roadmap to get you there.
Architecture – Our team can specify the Architecture that can get you there. Whether it be designing a new highly resilient Cloud application, leveraging social media in a new Mobile application, or providing enterprise business automation, we can help, from the application architecture down to the infrastructure architecture including the business process architecture.
Implementation – Engage our team of analysts, software developers, testers, Operation’s staff to get your implementation done efficiently and with low cost. We utilize our onshore and Letse offshore staff to get projects and products implemented with high quality and competitive cost. Need to offshore your business processes – We can provide the staff and get your business process up and running quickly and cost effectively.
Operations – Work with us to provide 7x24 support for your applications in our state-of-the-art data centers. We also deploy applications to various Cloud providers and often combine private and public Cloud facilities to provide the best trade-offs for performance, security and reliability. Need business processes to operate overnight – Engage our offshore team to execute your business processes while you sleep.
Engage us at any point in the process and we will provide the personalize attention to help you take your business to the next level. Whether it be developing and deploying new Cloud based applications, entering into the Mobile application space, or streamlining your business processes using our outsourcing PBO capabilities, Letse can show you how to increase revenues and reduce costs.
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